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Pennies For Your Pooch

Hi Everybody,

Happy Wednesday!!! I am so happy that our sidewalks are not covered with snow this morning! This has been such a long and dreadful winter and I know everybody is dying for some warm weather and to get outdoors. Warm weather = play time, not just for us and the kids, but also for our furry family friends. So, this week, we're going to talk about caring for our animals.

Have you ever asked yourself who is going to care for your animals if you are unable to? Who will keep up with the vet bills, the food, and general maintenance? Who is willing to accept these animals into their homes if needed?

A Pet Trust answers all of these questions and provides continued loving support for your furbaby. The trust is an enforceable, private agreement, with your pet as the beneficiary, the ability to name a Trustee, and the most important of all, the option to name a caretaker.

  • The Massachusetts Pet Trust law was enacted on April 7, 2011 and enables animal owners the opportunity to ensure that their wishes regarding their companion animals are carried out.

  • MSPCA states that between 12 and 27% of the population already includes pets in their estate planning; and

  • In Massachusetts, approximately 33.3% of households in the Commonwealth house either a dog or a cat.

Basically, the Commonwealth is full of animal lovers and we have added legal protections for your lovely companions! Now, some people have gone a bit, shall we say, overboard with the level of assets they have left their animals, you can check these stories out here. However, pet trusts do not need to leave behind a significant amount of assets. They can simply be a way to make sure that your pet follows a proper regimen and routine.

Maybe a pet trust is the best option for you, maybe it's not. Regardless, make sure you're thinking about your animals when you are making your final plans. :)

Until next time.

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