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Estate Planning

Family Legal Partners, P.C. positively empowers its clients with control, security, and peace of mind by instituting sound planning to protect families and preserve wealth from all of the unintended consequences of life.


“The only things certain in this world are death and taxes.”

Proper estate planning can help you address both. However, estate planning is more than just planning for death, it is also about planning for disability or incapacity.

No one likes contemplating death or the possibility of years of illness or disability. However, every person has a unique set of goals and needs. The thoughtful creation of an estate plan can effectively express your desires regarding the distribution of your assets, care of your minor children, and health care wishes.  This is the best way to control your future and protect your family.


Whether your objective is to avoid probate, eliminate or mitigate estate tax exposure, ensure that your property goes to the right people or charities, or maintain family harmony, Family Legal partners, P.C. can partner with you to help meet your goals.


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