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Practice Areas

Estate Planning:


FLP assesses your unique objectives and matches it to a properly designed estate plan, whether it be standard or complex. Standard estate planning addresses issues such as death and incapacity. Complex estate planning addresses issues such as probate avoidance, asset and beneficiary protection, and estate tax planning. 

Probate Administration:


The probate of a loved one’s estate can be overwhelming and riddled with traps for the unwary. With compassion and understanding, we guide you through this complicated process in an efficient manner pointed towards protection and finality. With FLP as your partner, we lighten the legal burden during this difficult time. 


Guardianship and Conservatorship:


Navigating the legal waters to protect a loved one who has lost mental capacity is no easy undertaking. It requires extensive documentation and persuasive presentation to the Court in a timely manner. With FLP by your side, you can focus on your loved one while we focus on the legal process. 


Business Formation:


The entrepreneurial spirit is something FLP embraces. While forming a business can be exciting experience, it is filled with risks that should be properly addressed at the outset. FLP helps you identify and minimize those risks so you can focus more on building your business and less on being protected.


How Can We Provide Peace of Mind For Your Family, Business, and Estate?


At FLP, we take a holistic and comprehensive approach towards legal services.  


We handle the following matters:

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