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What To Do When Addiction Rears Its Ugly Head - Dinner and Discussion

Hi Everyone,

Happy Wednesday!!! This has been quite a busy month for the firm. In April alone we’ve held three different workshops, and this past Saturday we sponsored the Wayland Youth Fishing Derby. Despite the rain, the kids had a ton of fun, and all proceeds were donated to Newton-Wellesley Hospital’s Vernon Cancer Center. We are so happy to be actively involved in the communities that we serve and we are looking forward to many more great events throughout the year….stay tuned.

This week we are going to talk about addiction and estate planning. Addiction is a disease. Whether one is addicted to drugs, alcohol, or gambling, addiction is a problem that can ravage families and leave people feeling helpless. Stories of addiction have been rampant in the news and it is clear that addiction runs across all classes and races. It affects everybody.

Many parents who have children dealing with addiction issues are scared that their children will continue their irresponsible lifestyle after they have passed. This causes parents to fear that their kids will squander their inheritance the minute it reaches their child’s bank account. They also don’t want to see their hard earned money going to alcohol or drugs. Yet, as a parent of an addict, you still grapple with how you can be helpful and provide support.

To address this problem, Family Legal Partners, P.C. has teamed up with AdCare Hospital and is presenting an intimate dinner discussion on Addiction and Estate Planning. Karen MacDonald, the Community Services Representative for AdCare Hospital will be addressing the benefits and proper utilization of addiction treatment, counseling, interventions, ultimatums, and how families can play a supportive role for the addict. I will address how various estate planning tools and techniques can incentivize a sober and healthy lifestyle, and how to create guidelines for future trustees before any trust distributions can be made to family members.



MAY 7, 2014 6:00 P.M.

Space for this event is limited so please RSVP as soon as possible.

(no later than May 5th) If you happen to know of any family members or friends that are facing addiction issues within their own family, please consider letting them know about this event. Our hope is to provide high quality information and equip people with the proper knowledge to allow them to make the decisions that are best for themselves and their families.

If you have any further questions about how estate planning can create a positive structure in the midst of addiction please contact us today. Until next time.

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