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Family Law / Divorce

When deep in the throes of transition, uncertainty, and charged emotions, Family Legal Partners, P.C. compassionately guides its clients through the big picture surrounding divorce in a path directed towards healing, restored stability, and increased harmony.

The Two Paths of Divorce: Uncontested v. Contested:

Despite the common public misperception, there is no such thing as a legal separation in Massachusetts. To obtain a divorce in Massachusetts, one can proceed in one of two ways: uncontested (also known as a Section 1A Divorce) and contested (also known as a Section 1B Divorce). Where the parties are amicable and willing to reach agreement on issues central to the divorce, the uncontested divorce option presents the quickest cost-effective approach. Conversely, where the parties cannot agree upon such central issues, or perhaps where one party does not want the divorce, then proceeding in a contested fashion proves to be the only alternative.